UPDATED: Dr. Georgopoulos presented American Legion's Highest Award

Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Apostolos Georgopoulos was presented The American Legion's Distnguished Service Medal. American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt said Georgopoulos is responsible for research involving PTSD, Gulf War Illness, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, alcohol abuse and other areas. The American Legion Distinguished Service Medal recognizes outstanding service to the nation and programs of The American Legion.

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The American Legion's Board of Directors announced on May 10 th that Apostolos Georgopoulos, Director of the Minneapolis VA Brain Sciences Center, has been awarded by unanimous vote the American Legion’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal for his “achievements in research on Gulf War illness as it affects an estimated 300,000 veterans and military personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan”. The medal is based on outstanding service to the community, state, and nation and has been awarded since 1921. Past recipients include Jonas Salk, Babe Ruth, General Eisenhower, Bob Hope, and Presidents Truman, Ford, George HW Bush, and George W Bush.

According to Dr. Georgopoulos:

This tremendous honor is a recognition of the contributions of the Minnesota Veterans in creating and supporting the American Legion Brain Sciences Chair of which I have been the privileged holder since 1991. Our efforts at the Brain Sciences Center of the Minneapolis VA Health Care System are culminating in major breakthroughs regarding Gulf War Illness and posttraumatic stress disorder, two conditions of major concern in our veterans. My heartfelt thanks to my collaborators, our Medical Center leadership, and all our supporters.

The award will be presented in August at the American Legion’s annual convention in Reno, NV by Charles Schmidt, National Commander: “on behalf of all our veterans and military personnel who will be the beneficiaries of your medical research accomplishments”.


Gulf War Illness as a Neuroimmune Disease

by Apostolos Georgopoulos, et al.

GWI is a chronic disease characterized by the involvement of several organs, including the brain. Previously, the BSC had identified six protective alleles from the HLA genes, and have investigated the correlates of the protection with this gene. Those and other studies suggested an involvement of the immune system in GWI. Here we focused on the Synchronous Neural Interations itself, as a basic measure of emural communication and compared in between GWI and seven other diseases that cover a broad spectrum of etiology and pathophysiology.

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Researchers pinpoint reductions in brain volume of ill Gulf War Vets

by Mike Richman, VA Research Communications

The Brain Sciences Center at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System has evolved into one of the leading facilities in the country for researching Gulf War illness (GWI), a condition that is of major concern to the Veteran community.
Researchers at the center have made what they believe to be key breakthroughs with GWI.

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Kare11 Report: Minnesota Trauma Project and PTSD Awareness Day

ffrom Kent Erdahl, KARE

It's that time of year when we burst with national pride. It's worth remembering that many people including many of those who fought for our country, struggle with symbolic bombs bursting in air. Psychologists Brian Engahl and Ryan Van Wyk talked with KARE 11 aobut Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on June 27, a day dedicated to POst Traumatic Stress Awareness...

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Dr. Georgopoulos Awarded Immigrant of Distinction Award

from University of Minnesota - Medical School

The American Immigration Lawyers Association awards Apostolos Georgopoulos with the 2017 Immigrant of Distinction Award for his significant contributions to healthcare. Dr. Georgopoulos was selected from numerous nominations by chapter members of prominent individuals in teh healthcare field.

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Lisa James of the Brain Sciences Center is selected for Kunin Professorship

Lisa James, PhD, LP has been selected as the first Holder of the Kunin Professorship in Women’s Healthy Brain Aging. The Donor desires that Dr. James will conduct research on brain aging in women -- specifically research on women veterans who may also be patients in the Minneapolis VA Health Care System -- to determine the conditions and environments that best promote healthy brain aging in women. Women who are not veterans or patients at the VA are also included in this research. The Donor’s intent is that the University of Minnesota’s Medical School Dean, in partnership with the Neuroscience Department Chair, will use this position to continue to foster the relationship with the Minneapolis VA Healthcare System’s Brain Sciences Center, and assist in recruiting, supporting, and retaining outstanding faculty by providing permanent funds that supplement other sources of faculty support. This Fund is used at the Dean’s discretion in consultation with the Neuroscience Chair for purposes consistent with the Donor’s intent to support Lisa’s teaching, research, and service activity.



Updated July 13, 2016