Catching for Real and Catching for Fun in Ecological Psychology. Focus on "Internal Models of Target Motion: Expected Dynamics Overrides Measured Kinematics in Timing Manual Interceptions"

Journal of Neurophysiology - 2004-04-01Georgopoulos AP10.1152/jn.01114.2003
The problem investigated in this article is at the heart of perceptual-motor control and is centered on the relevance and importance of taking dynamic (kinetic) variables of motion into consideration when intercepting moving targets. The take-home message is that the context of the situation makes all the world's difference: if you are trying to intercept a falling object, then you definitely rely on apparently internalized knowledge of gravity; but, when you play games with interception on a video screen using a mouse, you conveniently switch to a strategy based on the assumption of uniform motion, also a very appropriate knowledge in this case!