Bagrat AmirikianBagrat Amirikian, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator, Brain Sciences Center

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

Theoretical and computer modeling studies of local cortical circuitry and dynamics of very large-scale neural networks

Ph.D., Biophysics, Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Moscow, Russia

B.S., Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Moscow, Russia

Selected Publications

  • Amirikian, B. (2012) How complex are neuronal interactions? Cognitive Critique, 5: 87-110
  • Amirikian, B., Georgopoulos, A.P. (2003) Modular organization of directionally tuned cells in the motor cortex: Is there a short-range order? Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 100:12474-12479
  • Amirikian B., Georgopoulos A.P. (2000) Directional tuning profiles of motor cortical cells. Neuroscience Research, 36:73-79
  • Amirikian B., Nishimura H.(1994) What size network is good for generalization of a specific task of interest? Neural Networks, 7:321-329


Updated December 4, 2015