Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, MD PhD

Director,  Brain Sciences Center

Regents Professor, University of Minnesota

American Legion Brain Sciences Chair,  University of Minnesota

McKnight Presidential Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

Professor of Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry, University of Minnesota


Magnetoencephalography of brain function

Neural mechanisms of cognitive processes

Neurophysiology of motor control and cognition

Functional MRI of motor and cognitive processes


University of Athens School of Medicine, Athens, Greece

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Publications: 1993-1995

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Abstract 1.1mb pdf 87 Taira, M., Boline, J., Smyrnis, N., Georgopoulos, A.P. and Ashe, J. (1995)
On the relations between single cell activity in the motor cortex and the direction and magnitude of three-dimensional static isometric force.  Exp. Brain Res. 109: 367-376.
Abstract 1.2mb pdf 86 Lukashin, A.V., Wilcox, G.L. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1995)
Modeling of directional operations in the motor cortex: A noisy network of spiking neurons is trained to generate neural-vector trajectories.  Neural Networks 9: 397-410.
Abstract 3.5mb pdf 85 Lukashin, A.V., Amirikian, B.R., Mozhaev, V.L., Wilcox, G.L. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1995)
Modeling of motor cortical operations by an attractor network of stochastic neurons.  Biol. Cybernetics 74: 255-261.
Abstract 399kb pdf 84 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1996)
On the translation of directional motor cortical commands to activation of muscles via spinal interneuronal systems.  Cognitive Brain Res. 3: 151-155.
Abstract 901kb pdf 83 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1995)
Current issues in directional motor control.  Trends in Neurosci. 18: 506-510.
9.7mb pdf 82 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1995)
Reaching: Coding in motor cortex. In: The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks., M. A. Arbib (ed.), MIT: Cambridge, MA, pp. 783-787.
Abstract 825kb pdf 81 Pellizzer, G., Sargent, P. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1995)
Motor cortical activity in a context-recall task.  Science 269: 702-705.
Abstract 987kb pdf 80 Georgopoulos, A.P. and Pellizzer, G. (1995)
The mental and the neural: Psychological and neural studies of mental rotation and memory scanning.  Neuropsychologia 33: 1531-1547.
Abstract 2.4mb pdf 79 Schneider, W., Harris, T.J., Feldberg, I.E., Massey, J.T., Georgopoulos, A.P. and Meyer, R.A. (1995)
System for projection of a three-dimensional, moving virtual target for studies of eye-hand coordination.  J. Neurosci. Methods 62: 135-140.
4.3mb pdf 78 Pellizzer, G. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
Representations of movement and representations in movement.  Behavioral Brain Sci. 17: 216-217.
Abstract 1.1mb pdf 77 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
Behavioral neurophysiology of the motor cortex. J. Lab. Clin. Med. 124: 766-774.
Abstract 856kb pdf 76 Lukashin, A.V., Wilcox, G.L. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
Overlapping neural networks for multiple motor engrams. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 91: 8651-8654.
Abstract 1.5mb pdf 75 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
New concepts in generation of movement. Neuron 13: 257-268.
11.4mb pdf 74 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
Population activity in the control of movement.  Int. Rev. Neurobiol. 37: 103-119.
5.5mb pdf 73 Ashe, J. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
Movement parameters and neuronal activity in motor cortex and area 5. Cerebral Cortex 6: 590-600.
Abstract 580kb pdf 72 Lukashin, A.V. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
Directional operations in the motor cortex modeled by a network of spiking neurons. Biol. Cybern. 71: 79-85.
4.9mb pdf 71 Georgopoulos, A.P. (1995)
Motor cortex and cognitive processing. In: The Cognitive Neurosciences, Gazzaniga, M.S. (ed.), MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, pp. 507-517.
Abstract 423kb pdf 70 Kim, S.-G., Ashe, J., Hendrich, K., Ellermann, J.M., Merkle, H., Ugurbil, K., and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
Functional magnetic resonance imaging of motor cortex: Hemispheric asymmetry and handedness. Science  261: 615-617
6.0mb pdf 69 Lukashin, A.V. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1994)
A neural network for coding of trajectories by time series of neuronal population vectors. Neural Computation 6: 19-28.
Abstract 9.0mb pdf 68 Taira, M. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
Cortical cell types from spike trains. Neuroscience Res. 17: 39-45.
5.3mb pdf 67 Lukashin, A.V. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
A dynamical neural network model for motor cortical activity during movement: Population coding of movement trajectories. Biol. Cybernetics 69: 517-524.
Abstract 1.2mb pdf 66 Ashe, J., Taira, M., Smyrnis, N., Pellizzer, G., Georgakopoulos, T., Lurito, J.T. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
Motor cortical activity preceding a memorized movement trajectory with an orthogonal bend. Exp. Brain Res. 95: 118-130.
Abstract 4.2mb pdf 65 Ashe, J. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
Spatiotemporal motor processing. Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 682: 179-191.
9.1mb pdf 64 Pellizzer, G. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
Mental rotation of the intended movement direction. Current Directions in Psychol. Sci. 2: 12-17.
156kb pdf 63 Georgopoulos, A.P., Taira, M. and Lukashin, A. (1994)
Measuring synaptic interactions. (Response to Technical Comment).  Science 263: 1296-1297.
Abstract 994kb pdf 62 Georgopoulos, A.P., Taira, M. and Lukashin, A. (1993)
Cognitive neurophysiology of the motor cortex. Science 260: 47-52.
Abstract 857kb pdf 61 Pellizzer, G. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (1993)
Common processing constraints for visuomotor and visual mental rotations. Exp. Brain Res. 93: 165-172.


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