Scott Lewis, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator, Brain Sciences Center

Staff Physician, Neurology Clinic, Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Assistant Professor, Department of  Neurology, University of Minnesota

functional MRI, MEG, cognitive and motor behavior in health and neurologic disease

Residency, Neurology, University of Michigan

Internship, Internal Medicine, University of Michigan

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Biochemistry

M.D., University of Minnesota

B.S., University of Minnesota, Biochemistry

Selected publications

Dassonville P., Lewis, S.M.,Foster H.E., Ashe, J. (1998) Choice and stimulus-response compatibility affect duration of response selection. Cognitive Brain Research 7:235-240

Dassonville P., Lewis S.M., Zhu X-H., Ugurbil K., Kim S-G., Ashe J. (1998) Effects of movement predictability on cortical motor activation. Neuroscience Research 32:65-74

Dassonville P., Lewis S.M., Zhu X-H., Ugurbil K., Kim, S-G., Ashe J. (2001) The effect of stimulus-response compatibility on cortical motor activation. NeuroImage. 13:1-14


Updated March 19, 2015