Effie C. Tsilibary, MD, Ph.D.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota



Molecular mechanisms of cell-matrix interactions

Cell signaling and survival in pathological conditions and neurodegenrative diseases


PhD, Cell Biology & Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco

MD, Medical School, National University of Athens, Greece

Publications :

  • Kaminari A, Tzinia A, Tsilibary, EC (In press): Overexpression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) rescues insulin-mediated impairment in the 5XFAD model of Alzheimer’s disease. Sci Rep. 2017 Apr 6;7(1):683.
  • Trohatou O, Tsilibary EC, Charonis AS, Iatrou C, Drossopoulou G (In Press): Vitamin D3 ameliorates podocyte injury through the nephrin signaling pathway Journal of Cell. Mol. Medicine
  • Dafnis I, Argyri L, Sagnou M, Tzinia A, Tsilibary EC, Stratikos E, Chroni A. The ability of apolipoprotein E fragments to promote intraneuronal accumulation of amyloid beta peptide 42 is both isoform and size-specific: Scientific Reports 6, 30654, 1-15, 2016
  • Katsoulieris EN, Kotsopoulou ES, Vlahakos DV, Lianos EA, Drossopoulou GI, Tsilibary EC: Impaired insulin signaling in the diabetic glomerulus: An in vitro and ex vivo approach: PLoS One, 19;11(7), 1-18, 2016
  • Kapodistria K, Tsilibary E, Politis P, Moustardas P, Charonis A, Kitsiou P: Nephrin, a transmembrane ptorein is involved in pancreatic beta-cell survival signaling. Mol.Cell. Endocrinol. 400,112-128, 2015
  • Tsilibary E, Tzinia, A, Radenovic L, Stamenkovic V, Lebitko T, Mucha M, Pawlak R, Frischknecht R, Kaczmarek L: Neural ECM proteases in learning and synaptic plasticity (Book Chapter), Progress in Brain Research, chapter 6, Elsevier, 2014


Updated April 28, 2017