Kunin Chair of Women's Healthy Brain Aging

Lisa James, PhD is the first Holder of the Anita Kunin Professorship in Women^aEURTMs Healthy Brain Aging, established in 2017. The Donor desires that Dr. James will conduct research on brain aging in women -- specifically research on women veterans who may also be patients in the Minneapolis VA Health Care System -- to determine the conditions and environments that best promote healthy brain aging in women. Although the focus is on women veterans who are patients in the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, women who are not veterans or patients at the VA are also included in this research.

The Donor also desires that the University of Minnesota^aEURTMs Medical School through its Neuroscience Department will use this position to continue to foster its relationship with the Minneapolis VA Medical Center^aEURTMs
Brain Sciences Center

Brain Sciences Center (BSC)

A research group in collaboration with the Minnesota American Legion, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, and the University of Minnesota.
. Consistent with the Donor^aEURTMs intent, funds from this permanent endowment support Lisa^aEURTMs teaching, research, and service activity.