Senator Amy Klobuchar visits the Brain Sciences Center to observe the magnetoencephalography machine. (photo: On the Beat, VA Minneapolis)

Sen. Klobuchar briefed on Gulf War Illness research at Minneapolis VA Medical Center

From the article:

"U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar made a whirlwind visit to the Minneapolis VA Medical Center on February 11th.

The senator visited the Brain Sciences Center to observe the magnetoencephalography machine.

In the briefing, Dr. Engdahl presented results of a study titled "Gulf War Illness is a Neuroimmune Disorder""


Brain Sciences Center researchers Lisa James, Brian Engdahl, and Apostolos Georgopoulos stand next to MEG machine (photo: April Eilers, VA Minneapolis)

Veterans Affairs article features Brain Sciences Study

From the article:

"Twenty-five years ago, Brian Zimmerman was a strong 6-foot-1 inch, 185-pound Army infantryman in prime physical condition fighting Iraqi forces in Operation Desert Storm.

He witnessed charred Iraqi bodies on the "Highway of Death," including a dead child, took part in a tank battle, and was close to an Iraqi ammunition depot called Khamisiyah that upon detonation is believed to have released nerve agents such as sarin and cyclosarin in the direction of U.S. troops.

Today, Zimmerman, 45, is still entrenched in a battle, but one worlds apart from his military days. "

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Brain Sciences Center well represented at 2016 Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Confrence

In early November, seven of the Brian Sciences Center's researchers presented posters at the SfN confrence in San Diego. The confrence connected a total of 30,353 attendees from 80 countries with 557 exhibiting companies, 14,020 posters, and more than 850 sessions.

  • Rachel Johnson presented Congnitive function in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a poster investigating the results of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) performance of study veterans from PTSD and healthy control groups.

  • Peka Christova presented Intrinsic functional organization of the human motor cortex, a poster investigating ways to analysis high resolution and high speed MRI data, using data from the Human Connectome Project

  • Lisa James presented Neural network decorrelation for healthy brain aging: A cross-sectional and longitudinal MEG study, a poster investigating the process of decorrelation in neural networks as the brain ages
  • Lisa James presented Nutrition and healthy brain functioning across the lifespan, a poster investigating the effects of nutrition and dietary habits on healthy brain function across the lifespan

  • Jasime Joseph presented Functional motor cortical connectivity in twins and non-related individuals, a poster investigating the associations between the brains of twins compared to that of randomly paired people
  • Art Leuthold presented Dynamic cortical network processing of a somesthetic stimulus as revealed by magnetoencephalography (MEG), a poster investigating the dynamic interatction among cortical areas while processing a stimuli

  • Chelley Chorn presented Hemisphere- and lag-dependent differences in dynamic neural interactions in schizophrenia, a poster comparing neural interatctions between schizophrenia patients and healthy controls using cross-correlation functions

Updated July 13, 2016