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Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, MD PhD

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193kb pdf   Georgopoulos, A.P. (2012) The Minnesota Women Healthy Aging Project. Minnesota Medicine 95: 49-51.
769kb pdf   Engdahl, B., Leuthold, A.C., Tan, H.-R.M., Lewis, S.M., Winskowski, A.M., Dikel, T.N. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2010) Post-traumatic stress disorder: A right temporal lobe syndrome? J. Neural Eng. 7: 066005.
435kb pdf   Georgopoulos, A.P., Tan, H-R.M., Lewis, S.M., Leuthold, A.C., Winskowski, A.M., Lynch, J.K. and Engdahl, B. (2010) The synchronous neural interactions test as a functional neuromarker for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): A robust classification method based on the bootstrap. J. Neural Eng. 7: 016011.